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Welkom bij Spelletje spele Spelletje Spele

Spelletje spele heet u van harte welkom
Momenteel zijn wij bezig met de opbouw van Spelletje Spele.
Wij vragen uw geduld
Hartelijk dank

Random Actie


Speak to bird and use mouse to play with bird.have fun!

The Hardest Game

Make your way through 7 levels without dying.

Through the wars v2.0

This is a horizontal clearance version of the action game, characters all across different games, director of ability is different, as long as the use of a key input instruction can play luxuriant stu


Simple helicopter type game, made purely because I wanted to do something different from pixel art. The challenge lies mainly in getting far enough to see all the scenery, because that's what a floran

Random Kaarten

Texas Hold'em Online

This is a Texas hold'em poker game which we can play with multiple poker players online.

Weather Match 2

Weather Match 2 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by OnlineFreeMiniGames.com

Spider Solitaire

A great looking classic Spider Solitaire game.

Random Platform

Ravine Climber

Jump for your life, don't get eaten by the giant creatures of the desert and gather as many points as you can!

Mario Rush Arena

Help Mario in this little game to kill the evil Goomba and Koopa in various levels and finally defeat all enemies!

Jungle Escape

Escape the jungle in this mario-like platform game


Pretty nice platformer in pixel art style with unusual outro. Solve puzzles, beat doctors, collect keys, avoid needles and smashers. Run, jump, use pressure plates to open traps, push and pull boxes!

Random Strategie

killer tower defense

Put your towers near road to destroy all monsters.

bird tower defense

Shoot all the annoying birds with your cool tower weapons.

danger tower defense

Explode this toxic boxes before intoxicate you.

Troops Tower Defense 2

Win the battle against their enemies, go up a level and buy the best weapons.

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